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Currently in production: my first film, EVERYTHING DOESN'T SUCK. It's a documentary on how the Web has changed film, and what's next.

I'm a "one-man band" when it comes to content: copy writing & editing, web design, audio & video production, and a whole lot more. Here's my resume (PDF).

Don’t We All?

January 17 0 Comments

I keep going back to the Doctor Who’s episode (reboot Series Six, ep four) “The Doctor’s Wife.” It’s Neil Gaiman’s writing, which would make me happy regardless. However, there’s one bit of dialogue between Matt Smith, Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill that I simply love. It encompasses Smith’s tenure as The Doctor: Rory: So as […]

An Open Letter To Myself

December 31 1 Comment

An Open Letter To Myself

Hey, Devin: It’s New Year’s Eve, here. I hope you’re well. Actually, I hope for a lot more than that. In the next year, you’ll have a lot of big challenges, and I have a few ideas on how to meet them and come away as a stronger, healthier and happier person: Don’t give up. […]

In Defense Of J.J. Abrams, Whether He Wants It Or Not

June 03 0 Comments

[Look, people: I'm talking about a movie in current release. Though I am not saying anything that will ruin your STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS experience, per se, consider this your 'Dragons Live Here' signpost.] Since the release of INTO DARKNESS, it has become really trendy to bag on J.J. Abrams and his version of STAR […]

The Breach, My Friends

April 03 0 Comments

Tomorrow night, I head to the Dallas International Film Festival unofficial kickoff, the Press Party. It’ll be the sixth time I’ve attended, the third where I’m affiliated with the Festival and not with an external outlet, and the first where I’m not going to be at the Festival every single night. There are film writers […]

Can’t Get Enough Of That Drobo Stuff

April 01 0 Comments

My storage solution is a complete disaster. See, I have been shooting digital video for thirteen years. As I’ve gone along my merry way, I’ve had terabytes and terabytes that I’ve lost due to inadequate drive space, bad equipment, or just poor naming leading to deletion. What I need… is a Drobo. For those who […]

Thought Experiment: Replacing The Tip With A Real Wage?

January 31 0 Comments

Before I begin, I want you all to take a deep breath – especially my friends who have worked in the service industry. Ready? Okay. Is it feasible for restaurants and bars to price their goods where servers and bartenders made an actual, salaried wage instead of relying on tips or other gratuity to bring […]