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Currently in production: my first film, EVERYTHING DOESN'T SUCK. It's a documentary on how the Web has changed film, and what's next.

I'm a "one-man band" when it comes to content: copy writing & editing, web design, audio & video production, and a whole lot more. Here's my resume (PDF).

Forgetting, To Remember

September 11 0 Comments

Forgetting, To Remember

History isn’t written in an instant. We’d like to think so, these days. “Best Something EVER,” we’ll say about a performance, or a film, or a t-shirt. (More likely, WORST ever, but that’s a discussion for another day.) In the realm of Instant Gratification and Flash Judgment, fourteen years seems like an eternity. In the […]

The Duality of Leonard Nimoy

March 02 0 Comments

The Duality of Leonard Nimoy

With all of the STAR TREK cast members I’ve had the sheer pleasure of meeting over the years, the only time I had a chance to speak with Leonard Nimoy was during his 2010 appearance at Dallas Comic Con. I was doing some studying up on a panel (I think it was the FLASH panel […]

45 Things I’ve Learned In 44 Years

July 03 0 Comments

1. Not all love is unrequited. 2. Things will happen in your life that you will never be able to explain. You can either chalk it up to the Universe being whimsical, or you can go mad chasing that rabbit down the hole. 3. Not all of the memories of your childhood are real. 4. […]

Just Me. Not Every Man, Just Me.

May 26 0 Comments

I can not, and will not, put myself in that person’s shoes. I’m not going to apologize for my gender – it’s not my place. I’m not going to try and defend one person’s actions, because they’re indefensible. I can only do the following: be the best person I can be, and try to protect […]

Prove It All Night

April 02 0 Comments

We’ve got the technology, on a consumer level, to create some amazing entertainment. For $30,000, we can shoot, edit and distribute feature-length films that are ready to go on a big screen. This also allows fans who take issue with the cut and clarity of existing films and TV shows to go in and alter […]

Don’t We All?

January 17 0 Comments

I keep going back to the Doctor Who’s episode (reboot Series Six, ep four) “The Doctor’s Wife.” It’s Neil Gaiman’s writing, which would make me happy regardless. However, there’s one bit of dialogue between Matt Smith, Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill that I simply love. It encompasses Smith’s tenure as The Doctor: Rory: So as […]