Prove It. All Night.

We’ve got the technology, on a consumer level, to create some amazing entertainment. For $30,000, we can shoot, edit and distribute feature-length films that are ready to go on a big screen. This also allows fans who take issue with the cut and clarity of existing films and TV shows to go in and alter the tone, pacing and content of anything, from THE PHANTOM MENACE and STAR TREK: THE FINAL FRONTIER to the final episodes of LOST and HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER.

And, it has got to stop.

I have zero issue with people who dislike Jar-Jar Binks, or the twist ending of HIMYM. All art, and perception of same, is subjective. But just because you can go back in and delete entire sequences from pieces *doesnt mean you should.* If you really, really hate the way a show goes, instead of taking a straight razor to the work of dozens of actors, writers, directors, editors, et al PROVE THAT YOU CAN DO A BETTER JOB AND MAKE YOUR OWN DAMNED SHOW.

I mean it. Youve already proven you have the capability to edit video (in some cases, pretty well). Time to put the rest of your hobbyist time where your mouse is. Write a script or, rather, take the time to learn what it takes to write a 22-minute sitcom script. Cast it, with people who know how to deliver lines without chewing excessive amounts of scenery. Shoot it, with decent lights and solid sound.

Once youre done, post it online. Encourage people youve never met, and have no reason to blow sweet nothings in your ear, to watch it and give their unvarnished opinion of the product of weeks of your spare time. Then, when they suggest that you completely remove the second act because it doesnt ring true and question your choices on just about everything else I think you get the idea.

Watch your shows. Enjoy them, or rail against them, to your hearts content. Just stop hacking them up and patting yourself on the back when you think youve done a better job.