An Open Letter To Myself

Hey, Devin:

It’s New Years Eve, here. I hope you’re well. Actually, I hope for a lot more than that. In the next year, you’ll have a lot of big challenges, and I have a few ideas on how to meet them and come away as a stronger, healthier and happier person:

Don’t give up. The job market still sucks, but you can find the place where you fit in, and will be able to get back to speed financially. You are not a failure. Stop beating yourself up, and know that Manda understands you are doing everything you can to keep afloat.

Pace yourself. Youve got a lot on your radar in 2014: finishing your film, producing the Dallas Comic-Con after-parties, and all the while getting back on track professionally. Understand that you can’t do everything at once. When things start to click – and they will – it’ll all happen at the same time (its just Murphys Law). Don’t get overwhelmed, and don’t kill yourself.

You have very little problem expressing your love and affection for others. It’s high time you started allowing some of that back. Just because you accept a compliment without a self-deprecating remark, or a negative retort, doesn’t mean youre a narcissist. It’s okay for people to actually like you. Let it in.

Reach out to your friends more. Going weeks, or longer, without talking with the Amigos simply is not cool. Just because they click a Like on your status updates means they know what’s going on. Mix in a phone call as well. Schedule a night out.

Do not take Manda for granted. She loves you, dude. That may be the most amazing thing in all of creation. Keep the lines of communication open. Don’t make things harder than they need to be. Treat every day with her like the gift that it is.

If you’re not working on something, put down the laptop and the phone. Get your head out of screens. Be more present. There’s a life happening out here.

That’s about it. As much as 2013 was a beast to navigate, it was a pretty wonderful year as well. 2014 will be just as trying. Gird your loins, and you’ll see that it’ll be pretty amazing, if you make it that way.